Yearly Archives: 2011

Living with OS 10.7 Lion Part 4

Keeping your stuff safe with FileVault 2 It seems like no one really wants to look at security until they find themselves compromised.    I’ve been blogging about Mac OS Lion for 2 months now. Over time, I’ve tried out many of it’s new features and struggled with some of it’s nuisances.   But this [...]

Living with OS 10.7 Lion Part 3

LIFE IN THE CLOUD…. USING ICLOUD First, let me apologize for the slight delay in updating my series of posts, “Living with Lion”.   I ran into an issue with iCloud (more on this below) which really stumped me.   Originally, I thought this problem might be related to the way I setup iCloud or [...]

Some History

Greetings IMUG folks IMUG President Curt Hieggelke shared this great television program which aired this past week on WTTW (PBS). This program has excerpts from 1985, the year which IMUG was founded. Enjoy!

A truly Sad day

Today we mourn the loss of one of the greatest innovators and visionaries the world has ever known. For me personally, Steve Jobs was a mentor and a role model. His ideas and vision led me to pursue a career in a new and unknown field at the time, computer science. We will all miss [...]